๐Ÿ’กThe Team

Bjรถrn Seiz - Founder, + 10 years of business experience, since 2015 in crypto, chief executive producer of the project, loves to run successful marketing campaigns. Sold out O5O's fair launch with 2'200 BNB's raised 2,5 months ago.

https://www.instagram.com/o5o_official/ https://twitter.com/O5Oeth

Marvens Destinรฉ - Marvens Destinรฉ is an artist, coder and creative director based in New Jersey.

Has raised millions in profit for web2 & web3 companies alongside working with NFL, NIKE, SONY, and countless other brands.

He has exhibited work internationally including galleries in France.

Cartel 3D - 3D Artist, motion designer, specializing in 3D animation, lighting, and cinematic scenes.

Neytrino - 3D Artist, specializing in 3D design & character creation.

JOJOBALMAIN - 3D Artists specializing in character design in blender.


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