The Roadmap

Hey G4NG, we have big news, the next days, weeks and months are going to be important for our movement.
Here is an update to our roadmap:
  • Reveal of O5O NFTs: The first step in the roadmap is the reveal of the O5O NFTs. Users will be able to reveal their O5O NFTs on our dedicated website dapp.o5o.xyz. We have created a unique reveal experience that will allow you to burn your O5O SL!ME NFTs https://magiceden.io/marketplace/o5o and get an instant reveal of your animated NFTs.
  • Mint of the PFP collection! Yes you minted just one NFT but we have some good news! By burning your O5O SL!ME NFT you receive two NFTs. An animation and a PFP of your SL!M3. Have fun rocking it as your twitter PFP!
  • Big marketing campaign and influencer collabs: We will do a lot of spaces, AMAs and work closely with influencers to raise awareness of our project and increase the adoption of O5O NFTs.
  • Launch O5O Liquidity Pool & Liquidity Farming on SOL including airdrops & marketing campaign: This will increase the liquidity of the O5O token and provide incentives for users to hold and trade O5O tokens on the Solana blockchain.
  • Launch of O5O NFT Staking platform: Our community will be able to build a GANG out of their NFTs and earn rewards with it via the O5O token.The platform will be launched on dapp.o5o.xyz
  • O5O FREE MINT Whitelist: We will open a whitelist for our community to participate in the O5O NFT free mint event, giving users the opportunity to participate in the O5O FREE MINT.
  • O5O FREE MINT: The event of the O5O Free Mint will be a major milestone for our project. The O5O FREE MINT will be a special drop and provide utility for the first generation O5O Collection.
  • First O5O Music Release including Video: We will release the first O5O music track of the record "LEGACY" along with a music video, featuring up-and-coming O5O artists. This will be a great opportunity for our community to enjoy new music and support up-and-coming artists.
  • Influencer collabs on SOLANA, Onboarding BSC communities to SOL and Solana Project collabs: To increase the adoption of O5O on the Solana blockchain and engage with other projects on the network.
  • We are excited to announce our plans to list O5O NFTs and $O5O on https://rafffle.famousfoxes.com/ and conduct raffles using these assets. This will provide a new use case for our NFTs and token, increasing exposure and adoption of the O5O project. Please note that the listing is not confirmed yet, we will keep the community updated on the progress.
  • Launch O5O Web3 Music Platform: The O5O team is thrilled to announce the launch of our Web3 Music Platform, a revolutionary new way for artists to release and monetize their music. With our platform, artists will have the ability to connect directly with their community and have complete control over their music distribution. Artists will no longer be dependent on centralized music platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Instead, they will have their own digital platform to connect and engage with their fans. Access to the platform will be granted through NFTs or a membership fee. This ensures that only dedicated fans and true supporters will have access to the platform. Our platform will be a game changer for the music industry and we are excited to see the creative possibilities that will arise with the launch.
  • Launch O5O Initial Fashion Offering sale: O5O is introducing a new approach to fashion, merging streetwear and high-fashion in a limited collection, inspired by existing brands but with a new spin. All fashion drops will be exclusive and only accessible through O5O NFTs, with high-quality production in Italy, France, and the USA, making O5O the freshest Web3 fashion brand. Each piece represents our core values and is a statement, a feeling, and a way of living life. More infos you can finde here: https://docs.o5o.xyz/the-o5o-initial-fashion-offering