The O5O Initial Music Offering

Setting new levels in web3.
O5O is a first mover striving for quality, by developing a new sense of product experience in the web3 world.
The O5O movement removes barriers & opens up new gateways for creatives in the music and the fashion space.
We do the work which needs to be done to get artists to a stage where they truly become independent.
An Initial Music Offering (IMO) is a new, disruptive technology to tokenize intellectual property in the music industry. Through the Initial Music Offering technology, artists around the world are offered an efficient way to publish and market their music on their own platform and create stunning experiences for their fans and their community. In contrast to the classic process of publishing and marketing through record labels and conventional platforms like Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music, artists can publish and market their works directly to their audience through an Initial Music Offering, without having to interpose production companies or agents. The best part - it is all possible with zero coding knowledge!
This not only speeds up and simplifies the process of releasing and marketing, but also drastically increases the artists’ income, as in the classic model the majority of the profits remain with the record labels, agents, and music platforms. Traditionally, the artists receive only a small portion of the pie. When releasing their work through an Initial Music Offering, artists keep all revenues in full. A small amount of all the revenues gets shared with the platform provider (S4FE) as a fee.
A two-step process
Step 1 - Fan love
The artist receives the turnover from the NFT sale in full from its community and can start to work on the project. In exchange, the community gets certain rights wrapped up in an NFT. Besides this, the supporters get free access to consume the artist's music which they financed on the artist's platform. Additionally, the artist can offer his fans entrance tickets to studio sessions, meet and greets, and many other things through the purchased NFT. This is determined by every artist individually and can vary heavily from one artist to another.
Step 2 - Publishing the project on the artist's own platform
We are all about immutable ownership. Building communities for the artists which they own and on which they can monetize their hard work is crucial. Nowadays, for an artist with a small fanbase, it's very hard to survive in the music sector. On 1 million Spotify streams an artist pockets around USD $3,000 if he is independent. If an artist is signed, the label and producers will take their cut. Many artists have deals where they only get 20-30% of the amount mentioned above. We are changing that for the better.
Another limiting factor when signing with a record label is that the artist does not get to know their fanbase well. The interaction with the fans and the ways to monetize are very limited. These are mostly only possible through indirect channels such as Instagram and other social media platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, and other big platforms do not reveal the customer and keep the data for their own monetization.
In the Initial Music Offering, the approach works differently. The artists own their data and can monetize it directly. This means an artist with a small size community can end up earning way more than a big size artist that works with a label and traditional streaming platforms. The artist can set a price for their project and create a unique on-platform experience for their fans.
Back in the days a CD, vinyl or tape was really enjoyed and consumed by the fans very excessively. The music was respected by the fans in an entirely different manner.
We strive to bring this nostalgic feeling back to the people. Back to the music fans, who really love the music and want to enjoy the music and the art. We suggest artists list their work between USD $9,90 and USD $19,90 to make them easily accessible to their fan base, but we leave it totally up to the individual artists and the fanbase. The above-mentioned technologies are developed in partnership with S4FE.
Now you have an idea of what an Initial Music Offering is in general, we should get into the O5O Initial Music Offering specifically.
The O5O Initial Music Offering NFT is designed to open up the gates for other creatives and leave a legacy. We are very proud to say that O5O is the first project which has ever done an Initial Music Offering; it is a first mover! We aim to set the bar higher for Web 3.0 in general.
We do not only deliver a stunning utility with the O5O Initial Music Offering itself, we as well offer a never before seen level of NFT artwork.
The 9,050 NFTs of the collection are all fully 3D-animated and full of unique traits and surprises. On top, the whole collection is underlined with in-house produced music!
If you are lucky you will mint one of the NFTs that are accompanied by the track “What you want from me feat. Jim Jones”, or you get the one with the Sacramento rapper Mozzy called “Rise out These Streets”.
The collection consists of 9,050 uniquely animated videos and includes a surprise for all our G4NG members at the end of the animated clip which will help you to make crypto Twitter a dangerous place for other projects as you will be equipped with a SL!M3 which is good in the hood!
After we complete the sale of our Initial Music Offering we will proceed to complete the record album consisting of 15 tracks. We will feature major artists from all around the world from the Hip Hop & RnB space and leave a legacy with this project. Through the creation process of the entire project, we will offer tickets to studio sessions, meet and greets, and much more to the NFT holders. The NFT tickets will be raffled to the NFT holders and are very exclusive.
To guarantee the long-term success of the project, we are distributing 50% of the profits made in stage two back to the community, the profits will be used to sweep the floor & funds will be allocated to marketing.
Details about the album which will be named “O5O - LEGACY”: The record will be a completely unique, never-before-seen experience!
A coming together of Music, interactive experiences, animations, and traditional videos. All this is based on cutting-edge technology like three.js (Google it!)
The definitive album price will be announced soon.
It will be easily accessible to every music fan on our own platform.
The estimated price will be around a packet of cigarettes - it’s a true no-brainer!
Our highly esteemed Initial Music Offering holders will naturally get free access through their NFT!
🟢 9’050 O5O NFTs
🟢 Launched on Solana
🟢 Mintdate: TBA
🟢 Whitelist: TBA
Which utilities does the NFT offer?
🟢 Stunning 3D artwork
🟢 Free access to our platform to listen to & enjoy the experience we create.
🟢 Behind-the-scenes experiences like studio sessions, listening sessions & more!
🟢 Long-term business use case - 50 % of the profits are getting contributed back to the community
Sounds intriguing to you? Then hit the PLAY button and dive into another world! https://www.o5o.xyz/