What is the O5O NFT Hibernation?

Build your G4NG and send your SL!M3S into hibernation mode

For us utility is key- that's why we wanted to incentivize collecters diamondhanding our NFT's & as well create an enviroement which is substaining on a long term basis. That's why we came up with the hibernation model.

Directly after the reveal you will be able to access the O5O NFT Hibernation & bundle up your NFT's as a "G4NG".

The higher the rarity scores of your NFT - the higher the harvest you will daily earn.

The hibernation - staking harvest is getting paid in $O5O and can be harvested every day.

How does it work?

The concept is pretty simple - the rarer your NFT's are and the bigger your G4NG is the more "points" you can earn as you own a bigger share of the pool.

We set up a seperate section for all the nerds who like to take a look into the distribution model and the numbers. You can find it under the sub-section "nerd-talk".

How is that model sustainable?

Of the royalties which the collection is generating, 50 % are getting distributed into this pool on a weekly basis and distributed to the pool holders - the hibernation participants. The 50 % profit share is converted from $SOL into $O5O and $O5O is sent to the pool. A 5 % fee is deducted to cover fees & expenses.

Besides of that 50 % of the profits which are generated by the O5O Initial Music Offering are getting distributed back into the Hibernation pool and distributed back to the community.

This makes sure, that the Hibernation pool never runs empty.

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